Who's behind THE MUSIC

The Story of Enjelique

Enjelique, the visionary artist raised in Miami, FL, embarked on her musical odyssey as a classically trained pianist at the tender age of five. With a natural talent for songwriting discovered at eight and music production honed by thirteen, her heart has always beat to the rhythm of music. From her earliest days of pounding the keys to her teenage obsession with icons like Tina Turner, Prince, Yanni, and Janet, Enjelique's journey was destined for greatness.

Embracing her true calling at sixteen, Enjelique unlocked the rocker within and found her unique sound—an "Epic Pop" fusion of pop, soul, rock, and cinematic new age. Influenced by the legends who came before her, she blends their essence with her own electrifying energy to create something extraordinary. Currently immersed in her debut album project, she recently unleashed her lead single, "Beautiful Danger," on April 7th.

Enjelique's path has been one of forging her own destiny, defying expectations, and embracing her individuality. As the sole African American in gifted classes, she embraced her outcast status, paving the way for her rebellion against the classical music path laid before her. High school introduced her to the world of musical theater, igniting a passion for the stage that forever changed her. It was during this time that she witnessed the depression plaguing her peers, inspiring her to infuse her songwriting with profound concepts and messages that resonate deeply.

While offers from prestigious institutions like Berklee College of Music beckoned, Enjelique took a gap year, immersing herself in the vibrant music scene of New York City, collaborating with Grammy award-winning producers. Determined to carve her own path, she founded SoCo Productions, an independent record label that continues to thrive. Following a transformative period in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Enjelique returns to her Miami roots, ready to redefine the music industry by placing the art of performance and musicianship at the forefront.

Enjelique's vision extends beyond the boundaries of traditional music. Her future shows will transcend the stage, blending the magic of musical theater and the grandeur of live orchestras to create a concert experience like no other. Her ultimate mission is to foster true inclusivity, ensuring the new generations feel seen and embraced. Enjelique believes that music possesses an unparalleled power to unite and uplift, and she is poised to unleash a new wave that resonates with all who hear it.